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Our company information

Xsteelindo Technology has a long experiences in Steel Detailing with Tekla Licenses. We are serving and support the Engineering & Fabrication Companies which in Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Process Industries, Cement Plants and also Commercial Projects. Our engineering solutions contribute to better business outcomes for clients.


To be Leading Indonesian Company which excellent in steel detailing services local and international


1. Provide steel detailing services by coupling all our effort to market objective and customer. Company value focus to guarantees the quality, safety and sustainability to supportĀ  customers productivity

2. Steel construction drawing services that have high qualifications and optimum detail supported by competent and professional human resources



Tustworthy. Consistently good in quality or performance able to be trusted by the customer.

Responsible. Responsible and act to optimize organizational resources to achieve the best quality results (excellence).

Uncompromised Integrity. Maintain and uphold the rules of conduct, social, ethical and organizational norms.

Service Excellence. Speed and decisiveness, built on precision in our thinking, planning and communication.

Teamwork. Synergize, communicate and actively participate in achieving the Company's Vision and Mission.

Enterpreneurship. Disciplined risk taking, enable by clear strategies and Brilliant innovation driven by long term vision.

Development Continuosly. People as valuable asset should be develop to support corporate business plan.

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading company, we are at the highest place among the quality steel detailers. We use Tekla to generate 3D metal architectural styles & also certified Xsteel/Tekla Components for brief and clear technological innovation sketches on metal outlining.

We generate specific sketches for metal fabricators and metal erectors. We prepare specific plans, sketches a construction of metal structures such as High supports, trusses, stairways, hand rails, joists, metal deck.